Terms and Conditions

Market values: Changes in the investment market affect your account balance. The values shown are as of the end of the previous business day. Prior to any transactions processing, your account will be updated based on new market values.

Transaction cut off times: Securian will close each day's processing in accordance with the close of the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) which is typically 3 p.m. CT. Transactions requested by the cut off time will be processed that night, using the market values as of the close of business for that day. Transactions requested after the cut off time on a business day or at any time on a non-business day will be processed the evening of the next business day. The cut off time will be determined using the time maintained on our computer system. Business days are Monday through Friday excluding NYSE holidays.

Transaction Confirmation Numbers: A confirmation number is provided for any financial transaction successfully submitted online.

Transfer restrictions: Certain investment options have limitations that may affect your ability to transfer in or out of it. Refer to the investment fact sheets for any transfer restriction details.

Abusive Trading Rules and Procedures: Abusive trading practices may disrupt portfolio management and harm fund performance. Abusive trading can dilute the value of mutual fund shares to the extent that a trader may buy and sell shares rapidly and may repeatedly take advantage of inefficiencies in the way mutual fund prices are determined. In addition, it raises transaction costs and disrupts the fund's stated portfolio management strategy, requiring a fund to maintain an elevated cash position and result in lost opportunity costs and forced liquidations.

Securian monitors activity to detect abusive trading. Plan investors engaging in abusive trading practices may have their activity restricted, suspended or otherwise limited without notice in accordance with these Rules and Procedures. Securian's investment oversight guides us to follow sound ethical standards to protect plan investors against the damaging impact of abusive trading. We strongly discourage plan investors from engaging in abusive trading. The following rules and procedures are designed to monitor, detect, and discourage abusive trading.

  1. Trading restrictions may apply to plan investors who engage in abusive trading practices. Trades are limited to no more than two transfers into an option and two transfers out of that option, without regard to the sequence or order of the transfers, within a calendar quarter.
  2. Plan funding or contributions, withdrawals, and automatic account rebalancing, as applicable to your plan, will not trigger these trading restrictions.
  3. Securian monitors trading activity to detect abusive trading. For a first violation, an abusive trader will receive a warning letter to stop the abusive activity.
  4. For those violating the trading provisions following a warning, Securian reserves the right to restrict all future trading activity.
  5. The Abusive Trading Rules applies to all investment options within the retirement plans administered by Securian Retirement.
  6. Securian may revise these Rules and Procedures without notice to prevent abusive trading and respond to new regulatory requirements.
  7. Additionally, Securian may also be required by our underlying fund partners to apply trading restrictions that are more restrictive than Securian's to those who engage in disruptive activities as identified by the underlying funds. For example, a fund company's policy could limit trading of individuals who buy and sell the same investment (transfer in and transfer out regardless of order) within 90 days. These individuals could be restricted immediately from online trading for 30-90 days.

Electronic signature requirements: Some transaction requests require an electronic signature that constitutes your written assent in accord with all applicable provisions of the policy and prospectus (if applicable). For the purposes of this site, your user ID and password constitute your electronic signature. By affixing an electronic signature, you agree to be bound in every respect as if you had affixed your hand written signature to a document.

Site access: Securian will not be responsible for damages or loss resulting from any breach of security caused by your failure to maintain confidentiality of your user ID or password.

Website availability: Periodic required maintenance may result in brief periods when the website is unavailable. We make every effort to perform maintenance during the middle of the night. If the system is unavailable due to maintenance, a special message will appear. There may be times when you cannot get through to the website because of peak internet usage, or difficulties may arise from your own computer. These types of problems cannot be completely avoided in a web environment and are beyond our control.

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